Modelling and challenges

Prescriptive Solutions

Employ A.I. to extract emotions and predict behaviors in order to drive improved business performance

Data Fusion

  • • Applying structure to unstructured data
  • • Link data and identify relationships across multiple sources
  • • Identify descriptive features

Goal-based Predictive Analytics

Predictive Model building process

  • • Understand the operation and business objective
  • • Clean and import data
  • • Perform exploratory data analysis
  • • Extract relevant features
  • • Choose experiment parameters
  • • Train and validate classifier
  • • Interpret results
  • • Refine and select optimal model
  • • Automate application

Predictive Modeling overview

Leverage Existing Data & Emotions

  • • At last it is now possible to capture the feelings and emotions of prospects, customers and agents using Artificial Intelligence
  • • No longer need to rely solely on human observation, subjective opinions and random sampling
  • • Artificial Intelligence can tell you how customers and agents are feeling before they act so you can intervene with intention