Neural Network

A computer representation of knowledge that attempts to mimic the neural networks of the human body.

Yes, but what is a human neural network?


  • • A single cell that conducts a chemically-based electronic signal
  • • At any point in time a neuron is in either an excited state or an inhibited state

Excited state

  • • Neuron conducts a strong signal

Inhibited state

  • • Neuron conducts a weak signal


  • – A series of connected neurons forms a pathway
  • – A series of excited neurons creates a strong pathway
  • – A biological neuron has multiple input tentacles called dendrites and one primary output tentacle called an axon
  • – The gap between an axon and a dendrite is called a synapse
  • – A neuron accepts multiple input signals and then controls the contribution of each signal based on the “importance” the corresponding synapse gives to it
  • – The pathways along the neural nets are in a constant state of flux
  • – As we learn new things, new strong neural pathways in our brain are formed