1. Small Scale Embedded System

  • • Single 8 bit or 16bit Microcontroller.
  • • Little hardware and software complexity.
  • • They May even be battery operated.
  • • Usually “C” is used for developing these system.
  • • The need to limit power dissipation when system is running continuously.

Programming tools:

  • • Editor, Assembler and Cross Assembler

2. Medium Scale Embedded System

  • • Single or few 16 or 32 bit microcontrollers or Digital Signal Processors (DSP) or Reduced Instructions Set Computers (RISC).
  • • Both hardware and software complexity.

Programming tools:

  • • RTOS, Source code Engineering Tool, Simulator, Debugger and Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

3. Sophisticated Embedded System

  • • Enormous hardware and software complexity
  • • Which may need scalable processor or configurable processor and programming logic arrays.
  • • Constrained by the processing speed available in their hardware units.

Programming tools:

  • • For these systems may not be readily available at a reasonable cost or may not be available at all. A compiler or retargetable compiler might have to be developed for this.