Characteristics of IoT


    • A huge number of devices i.e. many active users (~10 times more than Human2Human users/devices)

    • Low data rate (small data transmission) – not always true!

    • Sometimes delay tolerance (also depends on application) – not always true!

    • Autonomous devices – ideally!

    • Long Battery life (i.e. minimum energy at a given payload) - energy efficient solutions!

    • Low cost devices and operations – usually but not always!

    • Mobility –depends on the resources and use-case scenarios!

    • Security, Privacy and Trust


    • Different applications have different requirements

    • Environment interaction

    • Heterogeneity and scale

    • Energy and resource constraints

    • Autonomous mechanisms that are often required; e.g. self-configurability

    • Security and Privacy issues

    • Data-centric solutions and information processing/knowledge extraction requirements

    • Actuation, feedback and control loop to interact with physical objects/environment over distributed networks.

    • Mobility

    • Diversity of applications and areas