M2M vs IoT

Each processing element in an artificial neural net is analogous to a biological neuron

  • - Term M2M has been used in Industrial Automation for a long time.
  • - To explain difference in simple words, You have "Things" (“Things” are nothing but your embedded system devices) that sense and collect data and send it to the internet. This data can be accessible by other "Things" too.
  • - M2M = > Embedded Technology + Network Technology
  • Let us take a practical example.

  • - You have an "Air conditioning unit" in your home. For switching ‘OFF’ and ‘ON’, you use remote control. Here both devices (or machines), AC and Remote have an embedded system inside it that is communication over Low range RF frequency. Since both machines are communicating without using Internet, that’s why it is Machine to Machine (M2M) communication.
  • For IoT usecase, Internet will also be involved, check below:

  • - Now assume your AC is a “Smart AC” that is connected to the internet (This is a "Thing" connected to the internet). Now, imagine it's a hot summer day and you have left for home from your work. You would like your home to be cool enough by the time you enter it. So, When you leave from your office, you can remotely switch ON the air conditioning unit of your home using your mobile (another "Thing" connected to the internet). This very simple application using Internet but involves Human Intervention.
  • A further extension to this concept with “Autonomous Mode” (without Human Intervention) is :

  • - Your mobile will command your home A/C that you are leaving the office (it can detect your GPS co-ordinates and decide you are on the move) and depending on the temperature, the A/C will be switched ‘ON’ by your mobile itself, and the mobile will simply notify you that the A/C is ON.
  • So if we talk about expected Role of an ECE Engineer in IoT, he must be able to connect each embedded device with Internet and support needed services/protocols to push data to server and take commands from server/Application to take some action.

    The IoT and M2M?

  • a. The IoT is more generic; M2M focusing on device and machine to machine communications;
  • b. Sometimes they are used interchangeably; but M2M is meant for automated interactions between devices and the IoT is an umbrella term for describing technologies that allow real world data collection, communication, processing and interactions anywhere, anytime and between Anything (Machines, Devices and Human).
  • M2M

  •  Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications represent technological solutions and deployments allowing Machines, Devices or Objects to communicate with each other, with no human interactions.
  •  M2M system – Key features
  • - Support of a huge number of devices
  • - Seamless operability across multiple domains
  • - Autonomous operation
  • - Self organisation
  • - Power efficiency