Introduction of sensors

Robotics is Sensing/Actuation + Mechanical + AI/ML

IoT includes Sensing/Actuation + Communication + Data Analytics and Reports/Alerts Generation

There are a lot overlapping of work between Robotics and IoT. In few applications, both perfectly coincides each other e.g. Remoted Controlled Robots.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Technology aiming to produce machines which can imitate intelligent human behavior. AI makes a robot Intelligent. So an intelligent robot is a machine able to extract information from its environment and can do decision making based on processed data and learning.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence : ASIMO ROBOT from Honda Motors

  • Honda Asimo is based on has a good concept of speech recognition.
  • It can recognize voices of multiple people speaking simultaneously.
  • Recognition of moving objects
  • Recognition of posture and gesture
  • Facial Recognition
  • The robot can follow and greet a person
  • Can recognize when a handshake is offered and wave in back to someone
  • Can distinguish objects and terrain in its environment
  • Identify 10 different faces and once they are registered they can respond to them by name

The potential applications of Artificial Intelligence are endless. They stretch from the military for autonomous control and target identification, to the entertainment industry for computer games and robotic pets.