Components Of Robot


i. Manipulator / Rover (Body)

ii. End Effector

iii. Sensors

iv. Actuators

v. Controller

Manipulator / Rover (Body)

• This is the main body of the Robot and consists of links, joints and structural elements of the Robot.

Robotic Arm (The Most Complicated Part)

End Effector

• This is the part that generally handles objects, makes connection to other machines, or performs the required tasks.


• Sensors are used to collect information about the internal state of the robot or to communicate with the outside environment. Robots are often equipped with external sensory devices such as a vision system, touch and tactile sensors etc. which help to communicate with the environment.


• Actuators are the muscles of the manipulators. Common types of actuators are servomotors, stepper motors, pneumatic cylinders etc.


• A controller is a device or a chip or an Integrated Circuit which is responsible in controlling the robot on the basis of its requirement.

• The controller receives data from the computer, controls the motions of the actuator and coordinates these motions with the sensory feedback information.