Types of Robot

Types of Robots

  • Mobile robots.
  • Industrial robots
  • Autonomous robots
  • Remote-controlled robots
  • Mobile robots
• Mobile robots are able to move, usually they perform tasks such as searching.

Industrial robots

• Most of these robots perform repeating tasks without ever moving.

• Most robots are working in industries. Especially dull and repeating tasks are suitable for robots.

• A robot never grows tired; it will perform its duty day and night without ever complaining.

Autonomous robots

• Autonomous robots are self-supporting.

• They run a program that gives them the opportunity to decide on the action to perform depending on their surroundings.

• At times, these robots even learn new behavior. They start out with a short routine and adapt this routine to be more successful at the task they perform. The most successful routine will be repeated.

Remote-controlled robots

• In case a robot needs to perform more complicated yet undetermined tasks an autonomous robot is not the right choice.

• Complicated tasks are still best performed by human beings with real brainpower. A person can guide a robot by remote control. A person can perform difficult and usually dangerous tasks without being at the spot where the tasks are performed.

Example: Dante 2, a NASA robot designed to explore volcanoes via remote control.