About Selenium

Selenium is considered as one of the best opensource test automation framework, which helps to prepare & execute test cases with automation.
This is the most preferred test automation framework by software testers as well as QAs. This course covers all browsers and frameworks to with, Selenium framework is widely used in developing test automation tools, which is further used for UI testing.

Course Details

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 Course Duration:

2 Month(s)

 Course Fee(in Rupees):

Rs.9000 8000 + GST

 Training Mode:


 Project Work:

One Selenium Project

 Lecture Days:

All Days of Week

 Payment Options:

Cash, PayTM, Netbanking

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 Manual Tester wants to move to automation

 Want to learn test automation

 Freshers who are looking for job in the field of software testing


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  •  Introduction To Java
  •  Java Setup and Configuration
  •  Installing Eclipse
  •  Why Java for Selenium
  •  Data Types, String Class, If-Else
  •  Classes, Methods etc.
  •  Loops - While, Do-While, For, Enhanced For
  •  Single Dimensional and Two Dimensional Arrays
  •  Access Modifiers
  •  Function Input Parameters and Return Types.
  •  OOPs Concepts
  •  Overview of Selenium Webdriver, Pros and Cons
  •  Understanding Object Identification
  •  Extracting XPaths, CSS selectors
  •  Downloading and Configuring Java WebDriver in Eclipse
  •  WebDriver Interface
  •  Working with Firefox, IE and Chrome browsers
  •  Working with Firefox Profile
  •  Identifying Web elements using id, name, linkname, class, XPath, tag name
  •  Handling Input Box/Buttons, List/Selection/Dropdown Boxes, Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
  •  Extracting links and other Web-Elements
  •  Extracting Data from WebTable
  •  Capturing Screenshots
  •  Object Synchronization using Implicit and Explicit waits
  •  Handling pop-ups, frames and windows
  •  Simulating the Keyboard and Mouse actions
  •  Data driving using Java APIs - CSV and Excel
  •  Grid - Executing selenium tests on different browsers
  •  What is TestNG
  •  Installing TestNG in Eclipse
  •  TestNG Annotations
  •  Understanding usage of Annotations
  •  Running a test in TestNG
  •  Batch running of tests in TestNG
  •  Skipping Tests
  •  Parameterizing Tests - Dataprovider
  •  Assertions/Reporting Errors
  •  TestNG Reports
  •  Advantages over JUnit
  •  Using TestNG in Selenium
  •  What is Framework ?
  •  Types of Framework
  •  Difference between Data Driven, Keyword Driven and Hybrid Driven Framework
  •  What is the use of framework ?
  •  Development of Page Object Model
  •  Development of Framework
  •  Best Practices in Test Automation
  •  Sample Interview Questions and the Answers
  •  Resume Guidance