At IoT Academy, We believe that the future is about Unified and Converged Technologies and it is reflected in our vision statement. Every aspect of life will eventually be connected bringing forth a unified world of immense possibilities.


We are interface between academia and industry. We provide skill development programs for the students as well as Faculty Development. We work closely with industry and try to understand the implementation aspects of technologies and its usages, this allows to stay in-sync with cutting age technologies


We work collaboratively, guiding academia through your setting up IoT labs, Center of Excellence for Internet of Things, Skill Developing. We learn from industry and create vibrant environment to learn through Hands-on approach in academia. We also build culture of creating win- win situation of academia and industry.


The IoT Academy founded and guided by a group of ex-IITians and IT Professionals having excellent experience in various IT Sectors. We are a fast emerging venture imparting quality and affordable programs for colleges and individuals backed by product and software development companies.


  • The key objective of the training is to provide the Hands-on experience.
  • Focus on core concepts which can be applicable on real time scenarios.
  • Emphasis on building concepts


Our training sessions are meticulously planned by our trainer and are designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency. Your time is valuable, and so is ours, so our goal is to best prepare you while taking up the least amount of your time possible.


The emphasis is to Hands-on approach and most sections of trainings are practical session learning by experiment, coding or demonstrate the use cases.


The Trainings are designed form 8 hours to 40 hours. However this can be customize for specific need(s) and based on the mutual discussion.


  • Industry is changing and evolving at fast pace and academia is lacking to adapt change even some time industries too, we a part of product company do face the heat as well. Skill development and constant up-gradation of tool and technologies is become standard to be fit. We have design our courses as per UGC, MHRD and AICTE norms, since these government bodies key focuses is on skill development.
  • Our Program can help to create students and professionals to completing their projects, POC and provide needed support and trainings (under to acquire IoT and other cutting Edge or emerging technologies skills
  • Our programs are customized and have flexible schedule as we know faculty members has other administrative tasks too. We think learning is a fun and we try making our participant feel the same.
  • We provide adequate depth and breadth of the subject / Topic.
  • Our training programs are industry and application oriented.


A potential participant would be a faculty, trainer or researcher employed in university departments, degree colleges, and professional institutes, institutes of central and state governments.


The applicant must have a teaching experience of at least one-years full time at the Graduate or Post-Graduate level in related subjects. In case of nonteaching applicants, the applicant must have served in research work.

How to Enroll