ConnectiFY is an IoT development platform for learning IOT and embedded system. Its modular design offers a large ecosystem of microcontrolers platform like 8051, Arduino, AVR, Esp8266, ARM cortex-M4. ConnectiFY comes with providing out-of-the-box connectivity with Ethernet Wifi Bluetooth Lora and ZigBee to help in selecting a communication medium for IOT based applications It is also a good choice for the engineering student( Elecrtonics and Communication, Computer Science) to learn different microcontrollers without need to buy different boards for different platform they can easily switch from one platform to other just by plugging various plug and play modules

Makers and leaners getting started with connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) they have many pick microcontroller-based development boards System on Chip (SOC) boards, Single-board Computers (SBC) and many more .. ConnectiFY is the where you get all at one place The ConnectiFY development board for beginners as well as iot enthusiast. The embedded Wi-Fi and Ethernet bring connectivity to internet

Connectify offers great online support to help designing and learning including video tutorials,sample projects ,codes & library,FAQS for all diffrent platform to enhance your embedded and IOT learning experience

It is easy to get started with the ConneciFY platform. Developers looking for a rapid prototyping platform can go for ConnectiFY.

Key Features

  • Easy to learn.
  • Helps to cover most commonly used microcontroller in industry and academics
  • Single platform to learn multiple microcontroller.
  • Execute experiments for all microcontroller supported.
  • IoT enabled
  • Support various communication protocol like Bluetooth, XeeBee and Lora
  • Easy to learn; mostly plug and play
  • Online and offline support.
  • Industrial grade equipment's with lab precision.

Technical Features

  • 12 to 9 volts DC input with over voltage and short curcuit protection
  • 16*2 LCD Display
  • EEPROM 16 kb I2C interface
  • 5v relay and Pizo buzzer
  • Motor Driver L293d
  • RTC 1307 I2C interface
  • 8 led with common cathode
  • ADC 0808 with 8 multi turn trim pots
  • Ethernet with SPI interface
  • 8 bit DIP Switch
  • 4*4 Hex keypad
  • Bluetooth HC-05( Slave and Master)
  • Usb to serial (half & full duplex mode)
  • RS232 to serial (half & full duplex mode)

Supported Platform

  • Arduino
  • 8051
  • AVR
  • ARM
  • ESP8266
  • PIC
  • MSP


  • Support includes warranties and gurantees
  • video tutorial
  • online support
  • offline support