Centre of Excellence for Internet of Things (IoT)

A proposal to set up a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Internet of Things (IoT) to be executed jointly by Uni-convergence Technologies (P) Ltd. India and Academia.

The vision of the CoE is to enable students to understand, learn and apply their skills in the emerging technology of Internet of Things through democratization of Innovation, Standardization, Realization of prototype, products which leads to better job prospect, Incubation and overall ratings of the Jaypee institute.

What is Internet of Things?

Create value and gain insight through interconnected devices

Why IoT ?

1. This is going to be future

2. All big player are supporting IoT.

3. IoT will create new opportunity

4. A lot of student /professionals wants to learn

The problems with current system

1. School level education is failing to build foundation

2. Educational institutes are not changing rapidly as industry is changing

3. Lack of industry and academia collaboration

4. Industry use to vest for commercial aspect however education sector remains the same.

5. Lack of mentorship programs.

6. Lack of skill based learning model.

Need of CoE

1. Create a eco system that collaborate amongst Teacher, students colleges and industries.

2. Build vision for lifelong learning, hands-on learning and innovation.

3. Develop the eco –friendly environment to excel in learning and innovation.

4. Encourage technical leadership.


1. To create innovative learning and building IoT applications.

2. Collaborate and build competencies across verticals for institute’s needs such as Electronics, Computers, IT and Management streams.

3. To build industry capable talent, and community and ecosystem for IoT.

4. To provide an ecosystem for innovation to thrive and embrace entrepreneurship.

4. To provide an ecosystem for innovation to thrive and embrace entrepreneurship.

Capacity Creation:

1. Democratization of IoT Innovations through specialized trainings

2. Build labs for - Concept validation to product/solution realization.

3. Standardization and qualification support.

4. Enable self-reliant team to run labs in auto pilot mode.

5. Development IoT eco system with collective capacity

The Key components of the CoE

Benefits of Center of Excellence on IoT
Stakeholder Benefits
Academia • Availability of technology lab for faculty/researchers
• Industry standard proficiency courses for upgrading skills
• Platform for offering special course/consulting projects
Industry • Trained manpower
Students/job seekers •Internships on IoT projects
• Access to Industry experts/ courses / showcase of talent
UCT • Innovative Ideas
• Prototypes for new products.

Success Criteria Five A

At a detailed implementation level, there are many potential impediments to a correctly maintained CoE.

The common success factors across CoEs are summarized in five categories: the five A’s.

Agility : Flexible in designing in syllabus and approach of learning things however that will be time bound.

Administration : Governing bodies with well-defined roles and responsibilities

Accountability : Self-reliant teams with well roles.

Architecture : A balanced approach for well-organized content, tasks, teams.

Automation : Run on Auto pilot mode and looking for continuous students