Basic Electronics Syllabus

Basic Electronics

  •  Basic Electronic Components
  •  Capacitor
  •  Switches
  •  Diode
  •  Transistor
  •  Voltage Regulators
  •  Transformers
    First Step to Practical Learning
  •  Generating different LED patterns.
  •  Rotation of LEDs
  •  Relay Race of LEDs.
  •  Binary Counter.
  •  Giving Inputs to the Controller
  •  Controlling LEDs with keys.
  •  Keys as toggle switch.
  •  Interfacing a piezo Buzzer
  •  Using a buzzer as an alarm unit.
  •  Optocouplers
  •  Using an Optocoupler
  •  Isolating control and logic circuit
  •  Interfacing DC motors to 8051.
  •  H-Bridge Circuit
  •  Relays
  •  Type of relays.
  •  Working of a magnetic relay.
  •  Controlling Electrical appliances with electromagnetic relays.
  •  On Chip Timer/Counter
  •  Using the timer hardware to generate more accurate delays.
  •  Different timer modes
  •  Using timer interrupts to perform multiple tasks
  •  Interfacing a bit LCD to 8051
  •  Fixed one line static message display.
  •  Running message display.
  •  Programming of Serial Port
  •  Introduction to Sensors

Basic Projects


    In order to successfully complete the training, student needs to take up at least one project.

    •  Line Follower Robot.t
    •  Bomb diffusion robot.
    •  Fire fighting Robot
    •  Prototype of Delhi metro rail.
    •  GSM controlled car with stereo and head lights.
    •  Anti collision robot..
    •  RF controlled robot.
    •  RFID based attendance system.
    •  Intelligent water level management system..
    •  Real time clock based home automation
    •  Patterns