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Introduction of Arduino

What is Arduino?

A microcontroller board, contains on-board power supply, USB port to communicate with PC, and an Atmel microcontroller chip. It simplify the process of creating any control system by providing the standard board that can be programmed and connected to the system without the need to any sophisticated PCB design and implementation.

It is an open source hardware, any one can get the details of its design and modify it or make his own one himself.

Arduino Boards

What is it used for?

  • Physical Computing projects / research
  • Interactive Installations
  • Rapid prototyping

When you wish to move beyond the traditional Mouse, Keyboard and Monitor to develop novel and custom interactions in your project work.

Why Arduino?

  • It is Open Source, both in terms of Hardware and Software.
  • It is cheap he hardware can be built from components or a prefab board can be purchased for approx
  • It can communicate with a computer via serial connection over USB.
  • It can be powered from USB or standalone DC power.